Track Review: Spectre // Jay Tennant


Jay Tennant takes us back to early 00s anthemic rock with sublime new single ‘Spectre’.

There is a rumour going round that Jay Tennant actually intended his new single to be the theme to the James Bond movie of the same title. However, just before Tennant got his jiffy bag ready, he saw on the news that those pesky Broccolis had instead plumped for Sam Smith.

Only now, several years later, has he felt content enough to finally unleash his ‘Spectre’ on to the world.

Of course, that’s not true. But if you’ve already listened to Tennant’s thumping new song, you would believe it. ‘Spectre’ is a cinematic anthem, possessing the punchy vigour, sinewy guitar riffs and attitude of Daniel Craig.

With his Aviator shades permanently stuck to his lank-haired bonce, Tennant has the look of a rock and roller. With ‘Spectre’, he has the song to match.

Beginning with menacing guitar stabs and tension-building snares, ‘Spectre’ soon erupts into a glorious journey of jagged riffs, melodic shards of guitar and Tennant’s own versatile voice.

And then there’s the chorus. Beautiful harmonies intertwine over a soaring six-string motif, recalling Stereophonics at their more menacing or a cuddlier Queens of the Stone Age. By the time ‘Spectre’ hits its wonderful outro, Tennant’s gorgeous falsetto will be in your head longer than a Bond villain’s bullet.

“You’re a diamond in the rough, and I can never get enough,” Tennant snarls at one point, like a brooding Blofeld.

With an array of singles and albums already behind him (and a new LP on the way), the stomping smash of ‘Spectre’ should cement Jay Tennant as one of alternative rock’s most talented, adaptable musicians.

Bond’s loss is certainly music’s gain.

Words by Sam Lambeth

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