Track Review: Stop The Rain // Natives

With all the rampant xenophobia poisoning the world, the brand new video from the tribal-pop group Natives is a welcome breath of fresh air.

Filmed during their “life-changing” trip to Morocco, the video sees the New Forest four-piece travelling around, interacting with the locals and soaking up the country’s culture.


“Our love for percussion led us to Morocco, a Muslim country where the Arabic East meets sub-Saharan Africa,” says guitarist Jack Fairbrother. “We instantly fell in love with the rhythm of the place, from the main squares to the mountains, everything had a beat. We met Berbers in Agadir, where drumming circles are a part of everyday social life and were captivated by the way rhythm was used to bring people together and tell stories. This idea, coupled with the welcoming warmth of the culture formed the heart and soul of ‘Stop The Rain’.”

Meanwhile, the track itself is as just as uplifting. With a danceable tribal rhythm that echoes their “love for percussion”, it’s a vibrant and euphoric pop anthem that provides a much-needed sense of positivity and warmth, especially after recent events.

For more information on Natives as well as their forthcoming album, you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Words by Samantha King

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