Track Review: Suburbs // Marscians


James Newbigging recently stated that Marsicans’ new single is “kind of about wanting more all the time,” and that’s exactly how I feel after listening to this new release. The track leaves anyone listening wanting to hear more, and ultimately to find out whether Newbigging ever managed to solve the dilemma he presents within its lyrics.

‘Suburbs’ is immediately guitar-driven and launches straight into the exuberant vocals of the Leeds quartet. Its lyrics tell a story about not feeling comfortable anywhere, which definitely seems to reflect the thirst for new experiences that the band possess, having just spent a summer playing to packed festival stages up and down the UK and culminating in successes at Reading and Leeds.

Despite Newbigging describing the track, worryingly, as being his “quarter-life crisis”, Marsicans’ harmonies are accompanied by a calming background which is synonymous with many of their other successful singles. Its calming guitar and melody antithesises the dilemma within the track’s lyrics, and that’s what makes this track so special. Whilst it presents a contemplation of Newbigging’s own struggles, it still retains the catchy charm which Marsicans are becoming increasingly known for. I have no doubts that the track will receive further acclaim as the band embark on tour with Fickle Friends this autumn. After all, it does deserve every success.

Words by Amelia Hiller

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