Track Review: Suicide // Lada Beseda

Dark with a classy touch, the track begins by setting its tone. This is followed by rough piano playing to exhibit a misty haze, which eases us into a false sense of security. ‘Suicide’, released on 4th September, is trap with touches of soul and monochrome pop. Lada Beseda, singer-songwriter and producer born and raised in Ukraine, takes on versatile voices in this track. This keeps the song busy as it follows one single thread of rhythm. Her voice is husky and silky in parts, sometimes with a tense and intimidating edge. This means the lyrics can be interpreted in multiple ways; as a cool and uncaring taunt, a vulnerable confession with guards up, or a volatile warning sign. The production mixes trap typical edits with reverb and echo to add a little cinematic flair to the song.

“I cringe when I think about the amount of time I’ve wasted in my life obsessing and humiliating myself on an endless quest for validation,” Beseda explains. “I created ‘Suicide’ to tell listeners to stop caring so much about others’ opinions and just do what you love.”

Despite the ongoing pandemic, Beseda continues to put out well-thought content. This is the second single she has released throughout this historical period in time, the first being ‘Betrayal’ back in April. Unlike ‘Betrayal’ which was a self-produced ballad that experimented with a blend of different genres, ‘Suicide’ is more refined and polished. While the former was a nostalgia trip with overpowering instrumental composition, ‘Suicide’ takes a modern sound and explores the versatility within one genre. You can hear the producer Balance Cooper’s influence, not necessarily taking over, but adding more nuance to Beseda’s music.

Words by Mae Trumata

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