Track Review: Tell Me // Fire on the Roof


In ‘Tell Me,’ Fire on the Roof, a Cardiff-based four piece offer us a well crafted and exciting single. From the well-mixed, punchy guitar riffs to the crunchy, raw vocals, the track has a lot to offer and is a great introduction to the exciting plethora of sounds the band offers. The song is satisfactorily catchy, and a throwback to the great melodic rock groups that came out of the early 2000s, music you can belt out along with in the shower , air guitar dangling, and hair swinging.

Though the band has a clear sound, there is a fascinating amount of variety in their music, which is great for such a freshly formed group. The songs seem mature and well thought out. I would be very interesting to see what a full project would sound like from them. There is a neatness in their music, lightly contrasted by the raw, passionate sound. Definitely a band to check out.

Words by Samm Anga


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