Track Review: The Archer // Taylor Swift

When I first saw the muted pastel promotions for Taylor Swift’s upcoming album Lover, I was hopeful for a mature synth-based album, one that would be a landmark of Swift’s growth as an artist and as a person. Now, with the release of her song ‘The Archer’ and three songs into her promotional cycle, I finally feel like my hopes are being fulfilled.

The song begins with a calm and soft synth that stays stable and subtle throughout, contrasting Swift’s vulnerable and admissive lyrics in which she depicts her personal feelings of chaos, flaws and frustration with herself. Despite this contrast, the understated instrumental perfectly complements the theme of Swift attempting to mask her unavoidable flaws and issues.

These floating and atmospheric synths that float in the background help Swift’s poetic, raw and deeply personal lyrics shine at the song’s forefront.

With ‘The Archer’, Swift proves that she is still perfectly capable of lyrical genius and genuineness and that for her, the two often come together.

Words by Emma Reilly

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