Track Review: The Innocent // The Trusted


The Trusted infuse their music with a wide variety of influences from many different genres, as a result their new song ‘The Innocent’ is a magnificent mixture of these inspirations. 

Steaming from Southend-on-Sea the four piece (consisting of Dave Batchelor, Dale Holt-Mead, Fin Cunningham and Tom Cunningham) are a band which openly embrace their influences in their style. The Trusted’s brand of music is bursting with undeniable charm and creative wit, while their discography is adventurous and shows their refreshing pop-punk nature. Tom Cunningham shared his thoughts on the band: “I don’t think we are aiming for a certain kind of ‘sound.’ For us, if it sounds and feels good, we follow it. Popular music culture is so layered, it’s really hard to stay in the same lane. With ‘The Innocent,’ we were kind of going for that cinematic indie thing.”

The Trusted’s latest venture ‘The Innocent’ is a feel good track and embodies 70’s new wave icons like The Clash. ‘The Innocent’ is a vibrant effort filled with sheer charisma, as the jangly guitars, upbeat drums and rich vocals create a song which emits effortless happiness and puts a smile on your face. 

‘The Innocent’ follows the band’s endeavour to tell a rich narrative throughout their music and with their latest effort they focus on their own naivety and inexperience. They tell a personal tale, which is reactionary and real. This is the greatest compliment I can give, as the authenticity developed throughout the song shows a vulnerability which is welcomed from a band such as The Trusted.

Overall, The Trusted have produced a great song which represents the band’s unlimited creativity and amazing storytelling ability. 

Words by Paul Dawson


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