Track Review: The Vaccines // Headphones Baby


The Vaccines have released their vibrant new single ‘Headphones Baby’ from their upcoming fifth album and it does not disappoint.

Their latest effort is typical Vaccines. It’s exactly what we all know and expect from these guys, and that is a fun and bouncy track that’ll stay with you long after it’s over. They’re known for writing music that sounds current but also centres around a blistering chorus that floats around your head making you want to do nothing else but hit the ‘Replay’ button.

The Vaccines are certainly channeling their pop side with ‘Headphones Baby.’ Listening to it feels like watching a firework display, but that doesn’t make it oversaturated pop. It’s also about escapism and burrowing away, hiding from life’s moral obligations and living inside your partners’ headphones. It’s about escaping your life by living inside someone else’s. It’s some pretty high concept stuff for The Vaccines and it’s more than paid off for them.

Another thing to mention is how versatile this track is. It’s got a thumping beat that feels like it could easily be played in a club and get the crowd moving. Or you could listen to it as part of your everyday playlist. It just works on many occasions which is not an easy thing to do in songwriting. The Vaccines have pulled it off with ‘Headphones Baby.’

The Vaccines once again show us why they’re such a good band with this offering and listening to ‘Headphones Baby’ is the best thing you could do today.

Words by Loz Suffill

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