Track Review: Throne // Bring Me The Horizon


Since Drown dropped in late 2014, eight-time award winners Bring Me The Horizon have been shocking fans with their drastic change in musical style. Straying largely from their metalcore roots, the new material has seen frontman, Oli Sykes, claiming the microphone as a singer rather than a screamer. ‘Throne’ is another example of Bring Me’s ever-changing dynamic.

With a largely electronic introduction, that would have seemed incredulous on their 2006 debut Count Your Blessings, ‘Throne’ immediately has a largely upbeat feeling attached to it. This almost dance-like vibe is increased by the repetitive and catchy chorusing of ‘Oh’ that takes place throughout the song. Their new, more pop inspired sound demonstrates the versatility of the band and showcases how they have developed, both musically and personally, over time. However, despite clear differences separating BMTH’s new material from their old, it is still obviously the same quintet of Sheffield rockers.

Heavy guitar riffs and violent drum beats paired with the stereotypical Bring Me trademark of singing about wolves (“So can you throw me to the wolves”), not only remind us that it’s still Bring Me The Horizon that is at the top of the game, but cements this record as a worthy, while different, contender in the highly competitive world of alternative music. A rock song that will undoubtedly be screamed by thousands of sweaty fans at the band’s festival appearances this summer, Bring Me The Horizon have earned their place on the throne of current British music with this one.

Bring Me The Horizon’s new album That’s The Spirit is due to be released on 11th September this year.

Words by Heather Moss


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