Track Review : Top Drawer Romance // Somebody’s Child


Cian Godfrey (AKA Somebody’s Child) is a singer songwriter from Dublin, Ireland. He is an artist with an interesting origin, and a quirky style which has gained him an army of loyal fans. 

Godfrey’s music is a reflection upon his life experiences; he uses his storytelling and musical abilities to craft excellent songs which focus on his time growing up in Dublin, as well as his battle with mental health. 

Quickly becoming a groundbreaking voice within his homeland, he’s gained millions of Spotify streams and views from around the world in the past 3 years. Following his online fame, the artist has now performed at UK festivals such as Reading and Leeds, as well as supporting Kodaline and Kaiser Chiefs. 

2020 has seen Somebody’s Child release Somebody-20, an EP featuring a variety of amazing tracks. ‘We could start a War’ is a tune from the release that embodies Godfrey’s talent, with a great mix of vocal storytelling and guitar work. This EP was followed by Godfrey’s most recent release ‘Top Drawer Romance’ – an ode to the guitar driven ‘indie’ genre of the noughties that influenced many songwriters of Cian’s generation. 


The song is layered with brazen guitar work, and a confident vocal delivery which perfectly fits its theme of youthful romance. This is a fierce track with unburdened energy, which suits this new era of Somebody’s Child. 

“‘Top Drawer Romance’ is the song that started this project in my bedroom 3 years ago. The Top Drawer reference is a metaphor to that messy relationship everyone goes to at some point in their life, which reminded me of the state of the top drawer of my bedside table in college at the time.”

 Somebody’s Child on ‘Top Drawer Romance’

To coincide with the announcement, Somebody’s Child has now signed to iconic Scruff of the Neck Records. Based in Manchester, the award winning label has become one of the country’s most loved independent outfits. 

Words by Paul Dawson.



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