Track Review: Wavelength // Mollie Coddled

Wavelength Artwork, credit: Mollie Coddled

So, it’s official: the day of freedom for the UK, June 21, was unfortunately just another mirage on the horizon. Luckily, we already have another date on which to pin all our restriction-free hopes and dreams, July 19. In the meantime, we can keep ourselves occupied and optimistic with the latest offering from Leeds-based singer-songwriter Mollie Coddled

New single ‘Wavelength’ is all about truly living your best life not just giving the perception of it on social media. An apt reminder as we float into another four weeks of restrictions, that there is more to life than posed photos, pixels and posting on the ‘gram.

Throughout her discography, Mollie laces her alt-pop cotton-candy musicality with social commentary and brutal personal honesty in her songs. Her previous release, EP The Halo Effect, explored toxic relationships and mental health. In a world where the focus is more and more on authenticity and honesty, Mollie is in her element. Simultaneously being of her generation, and feeling disconnected from it, new tune ‘Wavelength’ delves into her experiences feeling out of sync in a generation obsessed with all things online. 

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‘Wavelength’ opens with Mollie’s softly harmonising vocals before she launches into her signature almost speaking singing style. The funky bassline beat of the tune keeps up the sugary charade of the song while Mollie laments “cos no one on the internet is as happy as they seem”. Layers of echoing synthesisers and the cheerful repetitive vocal sample shimmer under the verses overwhich Mollie sings about all the things she would rather be doing, such as reading books or taking trips down to the beach. The colourful instrumental masks the darker revelations that she struggles to find friends who like the same things and are on her ‘Wavelength’, mirroring how we all present a shiny version of ourselves online and conceal our less aesthetic experiences. 

It’s easy to follow along with Mollie’s voice and lyrics, and the chorus is a total earworm that will be sung back to her at her upcoming gigs in Leeds and Manchester. Similarly, the sunshiney scat singing outro is infectious and brings the song to a satisfying finish. 

With four weeks to go until the summer we have all been pining for, maybe we will get on Mollie’s ‘Wavelength’ and leave our phones on the table and focus on the real world experiences around us. 

You can listen to ‘Wavelength’ on Spotify here.

Words by Ella McLaren

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