Track review: What Lovers Do // Joy Again


There’s a huge assortment of dream-related music, from The Beatles’ ‘I’m Only Sleeping’ to the goth Marilyn Manson’s makeover of ‘Sweet Dreams (Are Made of These)’. Last but not least here comes ‘What Lovers Do’ by Joy Again, the indie rock band from Philadelphia which has already collected tons of streams via Tik Tok with the previous light rock hit ‘Looking Out For You’. Sachi DiSerafino and Arthur Shea’s voices met Blaise O’Brien and Zachary Tyndall’s keys, Will Butera’s drums, and Kieran Ferris’s bass in a bombastic light rock hit now charting #61 on Spotify’s US Top 200. 

After all that noise, Joy Again is back with a completely different sound. Released on November 19 with Arista Records, ‘What Lovers Do’ builds an ethereal melody combining scratchy undertones with light piano scales. Its smooth keynotes seem to match the heavy slouching of your feet in the morning as you slowly reach for the boiling kettle in the kitchen. 

Mornings can be tough when you’re struggling to remember that great adventure you had while sleeping; because dreams hide behind the dark walls of the unconscious spots in our brain and so do our memories. This is what inspired Charlie Kaufman’s Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind’s movie. You probably know the bittersweet story of Joel and Clementine. They loved each other so much to the point they eventually decided to erase every single memory from their brain once the relationship was over. In a blink of an eye, the two forgot the happy moments they shared through the years and everything faded away like a distant dream.

‘What Lovers Do’ should definitely be the new soundtrack for Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind! After all, lovers fight, lovers laugh, and being in love is like dreaming with eyes wide open. Nobody knows how long it will last and all that’s left is to enjoy the ride – “Is that just what Lovers Do” right? Thanks to Joy Again for finally putting into words this feeling and even making a music video about it, which by the way is available now on YouTube. The band will support Snail Mail across the US in April 2022 and softly sing the crowd to a sleepy lovely daydream. 

Words by Martina Bovetta

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