Track Review: What Party? // Gold Baby


In the age of broadcasting your best life on Instagram and reminding everyone how gorgeous and popular you are, there’s something endearingly honest about Gold Babys ‘What Party?’. The North London outfit explore the ever millennial themes of leaving people ‘on read’ and not really being arsed with going out anymore.

‘What Party?’ is a party anthem for people with no friends. It offers up is a delicious slice of scuzzy grunge pop, with frontwoman Siân Alex and guitarist Sam Asbury layering their cries of “Raise your hands if you wanna go home”. The band see themselves as somewhere between Kim Deal and Taylor Swift and they have an undeniably cute, almost Paramore-esque appeal, even continuing the indie tradition of using a childhood photograph for an album cover.

The quartet are veterans of the London scene with their respective solo projects, but hope to release more new material as Gold Baby early this year. Check out their latest single ‘Maggots’ in the meantime.

Words by Kristen Sinclair 


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