Track Review: What You Do // The HeavyTrackerz

East London duo, The HeavyTrackerz, are back with hard-hitting, quintessentially British grime track ‘What You Do’. This is a strong introduction to their new album Trkrz Fm, which was also released in November.

The single features Frisco, Capo Lee and Bossman Birdie – some of the rising talents in the UK rap scene. It could easily be the soundtrack to a Top Boy montage, featuring a fast-paced trappy beat and distinctive London rappers spraying on top.

“We went back to the Trackerz essence on this one and felt like we needed to give our core fans the essence they love from us.”

– The HeavyTrackerz on ‘What You Do’


The single is about violence, karma and reflection, as shown by its lyrics. “Bullet, bullet, bullet spray, what? Left them man in the dirt/ What you do will come back to you (What you do will come back – echo)”.

The rappers elaborate on the guns and skengs (blades) used on the ‘dire’ streets in order to ‘secure that bag’ of drugs. Even a COVID test gets a mention as Bossman Birdie kills the final verse; He outlines how some get stuck in a vicious cycle of wielding weapons and drug dealing either for ‘love’, ‘likes’ or ‘clout’.

The track is a gritty parable guaranteed to get any crowd hyped or party bouncing.

Words by Reemul Balla


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