Track Review: What You Say Girl // Vendettas


Vendettas, the ‘Britmod’ trio of lads from Leeds, only formed last year and already they’re on their way to becoming a front-runner in the revival of the 60s mod scene. They are sure of how they want to sound: the band takes inspiration from the greats of the 60s alongside the recklessness of garage rock, throwing it together effortlessly to create something entirely northern, charmingly rugged and completely fun.

‘What You Say Girl’ is as catchy as hell with its award winning amount of ‘wooah ohs’ sporadically scattered throughout the verses and the build-up to the chorus, which is formed by the simple repetition of “what you say girl?”. A snippet of Vendettas’ talent is shown through the brilliant guitar riff, moving the song from fun to memorable. In Vendettas’ future, I’m sure this song will be a gig highlight.

Words by Caitlin O’Connor


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