Track Review: Wildfire // Cloud

Cloud is the stage name for Los Angeles songwriter Tyler Taormina. As Cloud, Tyler has gained a reputation for crafting gorgeous emotive pop songs, garnering praise from the likes of BBC 6 Music’s Tom Robinson and Drowned in Sound. His music conveys an emotional soundscape along with a passionate vocal delivery. Recently, he released a new song, ‘Wildfire’, the lead single from his upcoming third album Plays With Fire.

‘Wildfire’ is layered in lush lo-fi production, putting the listener in a trance. The synth melodies overlap beautifully together, with a synth reminiscent of a sitar and it consists of one note throughout. There’s a lot going on instrumentally, so with the bassline high up in the mix, it allows the other parts of the track to breathe. The beautiful piano melody and the guitar are perfect examples of this. They’re simple but catchy and effective, adding a hint of vulnerability to the music.

But the best thing about the track is Tyler’s vocals. Layered in reverb, they are honest and reflect the nostalgia and doubt characterised in the lyrics: “Every flame wants to be a wildfire, every day needs to lead to something.” These lyrics are open, confessional, and relatable, making the listener pause and think.

‘Wildfire’ sounds like a track from another dimension. The beautiful production will pull you in, leading to a deeper, rewarding experience.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos


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