Track Review: Winona // Fallen Leaves


Birmingham rock band Winona have just released their debut track ‘Fallen Leaves’. A song full of emotion, power and intensity, ‘Fallen Leaves’ is the perfect introduction to this band, showcasing their sheer level of talent and passion for releasing meaningful, new cuts. 

A song of ambition, redemption and transiency, ‘Fallen Leaves’ opens with nothing but beautiful vocals and an acoustic guitar. Paralleling the emotional lyrical content, the track is reminiscent of old-school Oasis and music that actually meant something. The melody picks up with the chorus, creating a louder atmosphere that continues throughout the remainder of the track. 

‘Fallen Leaves’ is about wanting to be a better person and it’s about growing up and life’s lessons impacting around you.  Leaves fall and life changes suddenly, you live and you learn. Winona has managed to create a powerful and much-needed track. In a world of turmoil and confusion, it’s reassuring to know that music remains powerful and an outlet for all the trials and tribulations that make up life. Winona has set the bar high for their next release and with ‘Fallen Leaves’, the future looks very bright for the Birmingham rockers. 

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