Track Review: You’re So Cheap // Dead!


Having recently signed to Infectious Music, London based Dead! have burst onto the scene with their single ‘You’re So Cheap’, encompassing teen angst, dreamy guitars, and snarling vocals to produce an astounding and outright dirty track.

‘You’re So Cheap’ gains a totally synergising effect in the form of its drums and bass, with an anthemic guitar solo to boot, which is only added to by the heavy, building chorus – making the track into one you find yourself air-guitaring and singing along to after your first 2 listens.

As the track just passes the 2-minute mark and a dreamy sing-along guitar solo has been delivered, the isolated vocals alongside building drums pave the way for a band that have well and truly nailed a combination of skate punk and rock to create a single that is extremely promising of greater things to come.

The band are currently on tour with Hands Like Houses, and have a few summer appearances around the UK, and are certainly ones you will NOT want to miss!


Words by Jasmin Robinson


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