Trailer released for space animation ‘Over The Moon’

Coming to Netflix this autumn, this new animated musical directed by Oscar-winning filmmaker Glen Keane has taken my breath away with the first trailer. Inspired by the Chinese myth of the Moon Goddess Chang’e and with music by Steven Price, this feature film looks like just the kind of thing I would like my future children to watch. Merging modern life with ancient myths and magic, Over The Moon has the potential to carry some very relevant and important messages to kids (and parents) around the world.

At first, this film looks like just another story about a little girl raised by a widowed parent and how she comes to terms with growing up, letting go and finding a new, less literal meaning in her favourite childhood tale. Protagonist Fei Fei (Cathy Ang) has lost her mother, and now her father is ready to move on and get married again. In her desperation, she turns to her knowledge of science and the story her mother used to tell her to go to the moon and find the goddess Chang’e, who is trapped there waiting for her true love. Soon, we realize that the meaning of that childhood tale is indeed quite literal and, just like so many of our favourite Disney movies that Keane has previously worked on, this is a film about the power of determination, belief and above all else, true love. With gorgeous animation and just the tiniest glimpse of something magical and out-of-this-world at the end of the trailer, we know we are in for a ride.

“A girl builds a rocket ship and blasts off, hoping to meet a mythical moon goddess.”

Fei Fei builds a rocket, drinks Bubble Tea, and her best friend and partner in this crazy adventure is a bunny called Bungee. If we even needed anything else to get us hooked, the cast will surely get us there, with the amazing Sandra Oh voicing Mrs. Zhong and Hamilton’s Phillipa Soo providing the voice of Moon Goddess, Chang’e. The film is also reported to be the last one screenwriter Audrey Wells worked on before she passed away in 2018 after battling breast cancer for many years. Wells is known for writing strong female characters and, though this is just the first trailer, Fei Fei looks like a strong-willed, independent and highly intelligent girl with the huge heart of a true believer.

Over the Moon will premiere on Netflix soon.

Words by Regina Toth

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