A Trip To ‘The Midi Music Company’


Recently I went to The Midi Music Company based in Deptford for one of their ‘Music Explosion’ talks. At these talks, TMMC bring in some music industry professionals to hold a lecture and relay how they came to be in the position they are. Talking when I attended was Kevin Simpson, of Long Lost Brother Management. Kevin gave an extremely inspirational talk on how he became involved in management, with a Q&A session afterwards. The general consensus of his talk was to never give up, network, always have a plan, and know that that plan will not always go how you want it to. After his hour long slot, I had to dash to catch the last train home, but even in my short time at TMMC, I was amazed.

TMMC is a charity organisation ‘inspiring creative minds’ and this was clear to me even within 5 minutes of being there. It has an excellent community feel; the fact it offers after school music & dance lessons, recording studios on site, and experienced staff members, and even a kitchen, makes it all the more a rarity in a dog eat dog society. The facilities at TMMC are excellent as far as I’m concerned; the availability of recording studios, rehearsal space, instruments, industry expert speeches, and much more are all so inspiring to me. Before Simpson’s talk began, it was obvious to me that TMMC is welcoming to newcomers (like myself), and also offers to open a file on a young person, and hope to link them with contacts in the music industry.

I cannot regard The Midi Music Company highly enough – I was only there for a short while, but even just sitting and waiting in the lounge I felt a real sense of community, and a feeling of faith and love in both the surroundings and the people. Basically, they give hope and building blocks to those that need it most, and fuel creative minds in a free and surreal atmosphere.

I’m just sad that I live so far away from such an inspiring, caring and incredible organisation.


You can keep up with this incredible charity on Facebook and Twitter.

Words by Jasmin Robinson


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