TV News: BBC One’s Dickensian Cancelled


If you were a fan of the recent BBC One drama Dickensian and you wanted ‘some more’, then like Oliver Twist himself you will be disappointed. The big budget drama, which was inspired by Charles Dickens’s novels, has been axed after just one series. Running for 20 episodes after a successful launch on Boxing Day, it initially attracted audiences of 5 million.

These figures declined however as the soap-opera/period drama continued and they had halved by the midpoint of the series. Dickensian was written by EastEnders writer and veteran Tony Jordan and followed the story lines of a number of different Dickens characters coexisting in the same world.

The purpose built set and costumes were enhanced by an engaging star cast bringing these beloved characters to life. The screenwriting, although at times cumbersome, was largely enticing. This was not enough however to keep audiences engaged and many blamed the lack of a regular time slot on BBC One, for the 30 minute episodes, as a reason for falling figures.

A spokeswoman for the BBC said that “we are incredibly proud of Dickensian” and that it was a “difficult decision” to make. The writer, Tony Jordan, said he “would like to thank everyone who helped us create a truly special and unique drama.”

Words by: Tim Goodfellow

Photo: BBC


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