TV News: Percy Jackson Series Coming To Disney+


A live-action Percy Jackson and the Olympians television series is coming to Disney+. The author of the five-book series, Rick Riordan, took to Twitter to announce that it was in development.
Twitter announcement via @rickriordan

The story is based in Greek mythology and follows Percy Jackson, an outcast twelve year old who is half Greek God and half human, who is sent to Camp Half-Blood where he meets other demigods and mythological creatures. Along with his Satyr best friend, he goes on quests facing Greek myths and challenges. 

Riordan also revealed that he and his wife would be involved with all aspects of the series, assuring fans that it would be more similar to the books than the 2010 and 2013 films. Many were disappointed at the ageing up of the characters and how far the movies strayed from the plot of the books. 

The first season is set to follow the first book The Lightning Thief and the succeeding seasons would follow the plots of the next book in the series. It is assumed that the television series will also be named Percy Jackson and the Olympians, judging by the first glimpse of the script.
Twitter reveal via @rickriordan

Riordan acknowledged that whilst little has been revealed, stating that “there won’t be any further info we can share for a while (on casting, auditioning, or anything like that) because it’s WAY too early. But when we can share more, we will post!”, he is very grateful to fans for their enthusiasm.

Words by Isla Glen


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