TV Review: Game of Thrones Season 6

House Greyjoyhouse greyjoy

There were a couple of interesting developments involving house Greyjoy during season six, but for the most part, their story didn’t manifest the ripple effect it previously had on Game of Thrones.

At the start of the season, Theon makes it back the Iron Islands after saving Sansa and surviving the cruelty of Ramsay Bolton. Theon has endured more than maybe any other character in Game of Thrones, if not the most he’s definitely up there. But this season he has become a secondary character while Yara Greyjoy who welcomed him home on the Iron Islands, grew into another strong female character that would take part in the devastating tertiary act of Game of Thrones’ overall story.

Majorly, Balon Greyjoy is killed by his brother Euron (who seems to appear out of nowhere). At the same time, Theon is supporting Yara’s claim the Salt Throne, thus beginning a very, very short lived Civil War. A woman on the throne? Blasphemy! Subsequently, Theon and Yara hastily leave the islands taking their entire fleet with them, leaving Euron on the throne with the old folks. That’s the last time we see the Iron Islands in season six.

We do see Theon and Yara make it to the other side of the narrow sea to pledge their allegiance to Daenerys Targaryen, who promises to gift the Salt Throne to Yara as long as the Iron Born stop pillaging and raping. Thus, the historic Greyjoy navy becomes a part of the Dragon Queen’s armada and arsenal of weapons.

Words by Levi Eddie Aluede

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