TV Review: Game of Thrones Season 6

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The family name ‘Mormont’ doesn’t tend to ring an immediate bell – until you remember “oh, Jorah Mormont!” Since being exiled from Westeros after illegally participating in the slave trade, Jorah has served as a ~ somewhat ~ trusted advisor to Daenerys Targaryen in Essos. In season six, we see Jorah make his way back to his Khaleesi in Meereen, having been recently infected with greyscale. As we saw in season five, greyscale basically turns you into a living rock, and we are now seeing this infliction insidiously creep up Jorah’s arm. Upon finding this out, Daenerys tearfully sends Jorah away to search for a cure. Doubtless he will eventually be able to find said cure, or sending him away would be an exercise in futility – but it is unclear whether this search will result in a hiatus for Jorah’s character or not. Perhaps we will see him travel to previously unexplored areas of the Game of Thrones world, or maybe he will consult the maesters in the Citadel. Either way, we hope it won’t be too long before we see Daenerys’ gruff adviser again. Perhaps the most significant aspect of this departure is that Jorah (known affectionately among fans as ‘Lord Friendzone’) finally confesses his love for Daenerys – knowing nothing would come of it, but as assurance that he would never betray her trust again.

Surprisingly, we are introduced to a new member of house Mormont this season – and she does not disappoint. Back in Westeros later in the season, Jon and Sansa are attempting to recruit the houses that have remained loyal to the Starks. In Bear Island, they are confronted with the fearsome Lyanna Mormont. The young Lady scrutinises the arguments put forward by Jon and Sansa, but is eventually enlisted by Davos: awarding to their cause Bear Island’s extent of fifty-two men. After the Battle of the Bastards is won, Lyanna gives a powerful speech, proclaiming Jon Snow as the rightful ‘King in the North’. This mighty character (brilliantly played by twelve year-old Bella Ramsey) instantly captured the hearts of fans, leaving little doubt that (in Game of Thrones terms) she will remain a permanent fixture on the show.

Words by Rose Wolfe-Emery

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