TV Review: Girls Incarcerated


New to Netflix, Girls Incarcerated takes viewers inside Indiana’s Madison Correctional Facility, e.g. a jail for girls under the age of 18. Throughout the 8 episodes, you see the inmates, or ‘students’ as the staff refer to them, work to get their lives back on track.

An insightful and interesting look into the US Justice System, the reasons behind why the girls are in jail range from theft, drugs, violence and breaking parole to other more unique reasons. In one case, student Taryn Twine chose to go to jail after an accidental car crash took her best friends life.

During the emotional episode you find out that although the crash was ruled an accident and the parents of the deceased girl had forgiven Taryn, she still felt that she needed to be punished and checked herself into Madison.

The show tugs at the heartstrings of viewers as they get to watch these girls mature and eventually be reunited with their families after completing their time at Madison. Each episode also includes a follow up on how the girls are doing a few months after release, some with unexpected twists.

Another unique case that is followed throughout the series is that of Najwa Pollard’s. Age 15, the youngest inmate in Madison, she was originally arrested for a drug bust, however, it is revealed that actually, her time in the Correctional Facility is up.

It turns out that Najwa has no family to go to, neither of her parents are willing to take her home, so she is unable to be released for jail, and is essentially there doing dead time. In one heart-breaking episode, viewers see Najwa celebrate her 16th birthday and tells the cameras how excited she is to leave Madison and to go into a placement home, to walk along the beach, to eat what food she wants. However, it turns out that what she believes is incorrect and Najwa’s time at the Madison is not over.

Inspirational and fascinating, this show and the girls it follows will draw you in and is a definite recommend for your next Netflix binge.


Words by Elly Bailey.

Image: Netflix


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