TV Review: Legends of Tomorrow // Episodes 10 – 12


Episode 10 – Progeny:

The beginning of this episode brings us to the year 2147, as Rip works on locating Savage once again. The series is starting to feel a little tired now – the team consistently search for Savage and never really get any closer to defeating him, simply going round in circles through time. The Legends come to loggerheads when they are presented with the decision to murder a teenage boy, who, in the future, proves to be vital to Savage’s rise to power. Clearly, such a decision is not to be taken lightly, and the moral implications cause a divide in the team. The show’s take on the future is interesting to see; robot police and conglomerates galore. The graphics are decent so the scenes are believable, but the continued toying over to kill or not to kill gets boring very quickly. At long last, there’s a much needed action scene to take the interest level up a notch, but it’s let down by the conclusion. Overall, Progeny proves to be another rather disappointing episode, that picks up a little at the end, but it’s too little, too late.

Episode 11 – The Magnificent Eight:

This weeks episode takes us all the way back to 1871; the locale is a town called Salvation, in the west of the USA, giving the legends the chance to dress up and take a look around whilst Rip stays behind on the ship to concoct a plan to find Savage. Once again, this episode is painfully predictable – having gotten no closer to Savage in the last episode, the group set out on their well-trodden path of getting into trouble whilst attempting to complete their mission. Being set in the ‘wild west’, the episode is rife with cheesy cowboy jokes and accents which get tired very quickly. Each of the legends gets involved in their own personal agenda. The single saving grace comes from the fight scenes; a bar brawl and a shoot-out complete with horses and lassos pick up the pace a little and add some much needed interest. The quick-draw in the closing stages is deliberately over-dramatic, but it just feels like the show is trying too hard to be funny. At the end, there’s an utterly nonsensical link to H. G Wells, insinuating Wells was from America. It’s the cherry on the cake for another underwhelming episode.

Episode 12 – Last Refuge:

Facing a fresh threat in the form of The Pilgrim, the Legends are now forced to travel back in time and trace their own footsteps. The Pilgrim has been assigned to kill each Legend in their early life, thus preventing them from disrupting the ‘time stream’ in the future. Finally! A deviation from tracking Savage and achieving nothing! This episode quickly proves to be much more enjoyable in pretty much every aspect; Arrow fans can even appreciate Detective Lance with hair as The Pilgrim targets the 2007 Sara. Savage is hardly even mentioned in this episode, which is, without a doubt, a good thing. Instead, we’re given something completely different to focus on; a different threat from a different villain with a different way of counteracting them. All in all, a much better episode after a run of pretty poor ones.


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