TV Review: Legends of Tomorrow // Episodes 4 – 6

Episode 4 – White Knights:

In this episode, Rip presents the Legends with a formidable task; break and enter in to the Pentagon. Tensions are running high between the team as the mission goes slightly awry, but it’s not long before the group land themselves in Soviet Russia as they continue their search for Savage. Captain Cold/Leonard Snart, with his charm and pick-pocketing skills, manages to swipe a security card from Valentina Vostock (who is developing a Soviet Firestorm on behalf of Savage), taking another step closer to vital information about Savage. Professor Stein makes a startling discovery and chaos ensues; suddenly everyone seems to need a knight in shining armour; half the team are in some way, shape or form detained by Russians. It would be fair to say this episode is basically filler, deepening the plot; not a lot happens but we are left with the impression that all hell is going to break loose very soon. The story line is gradually being pieced together, tying everything in, making for a very interesting show.


Episode 5 – Fail-Safe:

Professor Stein finds himself being interrogated by Valentina as she tries to further her research into Firestorm. Rip Hunter ends up in a rather risky fight scene whilst Ray and Heat Wave share a cosy prison cell. We start to learn more about Rip and the lengths he is willing to go to, to get his revenge on Savage and save the future. The episode seems to drag a little after the opening, with some scenes consisting simply of conversation and not much else, but it picks up around half way through when the Legends not currently captured by Soviets formulate a plan to rescue those who are. Valentina manages to merge with Stein, forming an unstable Firestorm, and it’s up to Jefferson to rescue Stein. This episode ends on a pretty mind-boggling cliff hanger, particularly or those who watch ArrowFail-Safe has a lot more action going on towards the end, shaking off the ‘filler’ sense that the first half continued from last episode. All in all, this episode proves itself to be pretty decent as the series is now much more settled into it’s foundations.


Episode 6 – Star City 2046:

Our Legends find themselves in, as the title suggests, a 2046 version of Star City, and quickly end up in a confrontation with a vigilante who appears to be the Green Arrow, although not the one the Legends are familiar with – this unexplained turn of events instantly adds interest to the start of the episode. The future Star City is little more than a pile of rubble – the police force has gone down the drain and criminals seem to have the power. Leonard Snart and Mick Rory are, as ever, effortlessly funny as Captain Cold and Heat Wave as they find themselves in the midst of armed gang members. Rory quickly makes himself at home in this new environment with no laws, but Snart grows concerned. Sara makes a series of startling discoveries that are deeply concerning for Arrow viewers. We get to see all the Legends fighting along side each other again – the first time in a while – although many relationships seem to be changing, for better and for worse.This episode is perhaps the strongest and most captivating so far – there are so many twists, turns and revelations that keep viewer’s interest piqued throughout.


Words by Ruth Grove

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