TV Review: Mizumono S2E13 // Hannibal


“I let you know me. See me. I gave you a rare gift. But you didn’t want it.”

Tick tock goes the clock; a rhythmic countdown provides the melody to the final symphony of season 2. It appears that the chase may finally be over for Jack Crawford and his team. Tangible evidence to cling to in the hopes of bringing Hannibal Lecter to justice is now in his sight. But is it all too late?

Bryan Fuller has insisted all along that Mizumono would be a complete and utter bloodbath, but it isn’t until we witness the atrocities play out in front of our very eyes that we can begin to comprehend it. Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy give yet another example of why they are two of the world’s best actors with their subtle portrayal of people who have lost something which was never really real to begin with. As much as Will and Hannibal’s relationship has progressed throughout the series, there has always been a sombre undercurrent stemming from the fact that every move Will has ever made was done with the intention to rid the world of the doctor.

Abigail Hobbs appears to rise from the dead, creating one of the biggest shocks of the series’ history (only to be used as a torture device for the only father figure she had left), leaving a trail of destruction in her path. But the true star of this week’s episode is the ending; Fuller and co. manage to make the viewing audience question everything they thought they knew about Bedelia and her relationship with Hannibal in a single scene.

It’s safe to assume that the episode doesn’t end well for anyone, and with the next series set to take place a whole year after the finale finishes, we’re pretty certain that nothing is quite what it seems. Hannibal is television at its greatest. Pure and simple.

Words by Sophie Mace. 


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