TV Review: Naka-Choko S2E10 // Hannibal


I send someone to kill you, you send someone to kill me. Even Steven.

Episode 10 of the sumptuous delight that is Hannibal picks up fresh off the back of its prior episode’s sultry ending. A tormented game of cat and mouse leads to unexpected consequences when Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) finds himself back in the grasps of his manipulative therapist, Dr Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen). Left with the mutilated body of Randall Tier, a former patient of Lecter who proclaims to be an animal stuck inside the body of a human, Graham must work with the veteran cannibal to cover up his criminal actions.

Katharine Isabelle returns to our screens as the haunted Margot Verger, and we catch our first glimpse of her brother, the delectably devilish Mason Verger (played spectacularly by Michael Pitt, who will soon be hitting cinemas around the country in ‘I Origins’), who details his elaborate plan to create a new breed of blood-thirsty pigs that gorge themselves on human flesh. Snoopy journalist Freddie Lounds makes a comeback, only to find herself in a sticky situation that may put an end to her hard-hitting days as a tormenter of the tormented.

Executive producer Bryan Fuller and his team work masterfully to bring a tableau of horror to the dining table in this stylised adaptation of Thomas Harris’s beloved novels that will be sure to leave you hungry for more.

Words by Sophie Mace.


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