TV Review: True Detective S2E4


‘Down Will Come.’

In some ways, episode 4 pays off the fans of True Detective who managed to get halfway through this season, despite it being underwhelming when compared to it’s predecessor. ‘Down Will Come.’ was a good episode in summary.

The tense, grounded action sequence that makes up the last part of the episode outways all the bad elements prior, like; Bad delivery of lines on the occasion, out of focus plot etc. I’m starting to become a little frustrated with Frank, where exactly is his story going and how does it effect the case? Honestly I can’t help but feel like if his whole character and story was cut out, that series 2 would be a much tighter, more solid series. In series 1 we just had two detectives, Rust and Marty. Therefore the plot/case was always moving (even if it wasn’t always forward). Frank is a vaguely interested character and can spark at times, but he’s not worthy enough to warrant a distraction from the much more interesting case and detectives working on it.

I just don’t know how to be out in this world, man.

Again, this episode ends on a dead end. Looks like this will keep happening, I’m unsure how progress is ever gonna be made at this rate. Every time it feels like the detectives are getting anywhere by the end of the episode it’s shut down, as a new or unfamiliar viewer why would I want to keep watching? Still we don’t have a legitimate suspect or any explanation for the crow masks. The episode was entertaining enough, but series 2 is moving too slow for my liking. I know I’m still comparing it to series 1, but last year True Detective had the audience hanging on to every word let alone every scene. While series 2 isn’t even me keeping me inclined to watch the next episode.

Words by Levi Aluede


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