TV Review: True Detective S2E5


‘Other Lives.’

What a surprise, this just happened to be the best episode so far this season…not just that, but the quality of the episode is on par with Season 1. The first time I’ve thought this since it’s inception in June. ‘Other Lives’¬†flips everything from the first half of the season on it’s head, taking place 63 days (about 2 months) later, the detectives are split up, their lives taking different routes with the case somewhat ‘closed’.

Story wise, a step back was taken in order to move forward, what made this episode satisfying was the culminating factor of everything that seemed ‘random’ in previous episodes. Situations that felt boring or a waste of time to the viewer clicked and linked up, creating a full circle of ‘this goes here, which relates to this, which is why we are looking into this.’ Which is mostly good and in some ways bad. I’ve noticed when watching with others, even a friend who really enjoyed series 1, that this season is so complicated and intricate it would take either multiple viewings or someone who’s paying close attention to every bit of dialogue to understand. This isn’t a problem for me (someone who analyses film/tv and even has the time to re watch episodes), but for people who maybe don’t have time, or don’t concentrate/fully take in what’s happening on screen this can be a real struggle, a ‘tired watch’.

Due to the ‘culmination of knowledge’ the episode flowed smoothly, one thing lead to another naturally, unforced. This wasn’t just in it’s structure but in it’s dialogue and scenes. Nic Pizzolatto at his best.

I felt excited whenever the three detectives shared a moment in this episode, ‘getting the band back together’ vibes just shows how invested I am. With Paul and Ani physically getting closer and closer to finding out who the ‘Crows’ are, and Ray finding out he was set up by Frank (which I think we all kinda figured by now) ‘Other Lives’ had multiple high points. ‘Other Lives.’ isn’t only a gathering of information from previous episodes, but a collection of everything True Detective Season 2 is trying to be or do done right and to it’s full potential. Reminiscent of Season 1’s perfection, but with a contrasting refreshing (just as interesting) twist.

Words by Levi Eddie Aluede


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