Watch Dogs: Legion’s First Major Update Adds New Character, Missions and Professions


Ubisoft has revealed what players can expect from the first post-launch Watch Dogs: Legion update.

The developer dropped a new trailer highlighting all the new content coming to the game. The new additions to the game include the DLC character Mina Sidhu, two new professions, as well as online co-op missions and more.

Armed with mind control powers, Sidhu can take control of enemies and surrounding NPCs, presenting the player with new ways to work around challenging missions. The character is included in the Season Pass, however, players can also purchase her separately. Sidhu will be playable through the entire game’s campaign as well as in its online modes.

Season Pass owners will also get access to a new single-player mission called Swipe Right, where they’ll have to infiltrate a smuggling ring to gain intel on an ancient artefact.

The update will also introduce two new professions- First Responders and DJs. First Responders will be able to deploy a shield that will protect them and their teammates from damage for a limited amount of time. DJs will be able to boost their teammates and emit shockwaves of energy that stun nearby enemies.

Ubisoft will also be expanding the game’s online modes with three new multi-part co-op missions, five new solo assignments and two new gadgets that can be used in co-op mode. All the new online additions will be free for all players.

Other new features in the update include further customisation options that allow players to customise their character’s hair and tattoos.

Watch Dogs Legion is available now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC and Google Stadia.

Words by Denitsa Gencheva

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