What To Expect From The ‘Doctor Who’ Festive Special


“Being with The Doctor you don’t get to choose when it stops, whether you leave her or she leaves you”


When we last met the Doctor and the “fam” (Yas, Ryan, and Graham) they had been separated. The Doctor in prison and the fam stranded on Earth, not knowing if they would ever see the Doctor again.  In series 12 of Doctor Who, fan favourite Captain Jack Harkness made an unexpected comeback and met the fam, leading fans to question if (or when) Captain Jack would meet Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor.

That question has been answered by the trailer for the festive special of Doctor Who, Revolution of the Daleks. Airing on New Year’s Day, the special is packed full of classic Doctor Who characters and tropes. We have Captain Jack fighting against the newly designed Daleks and, of course, the Earth in imminent danger because the Daleks are being rolled out as “defence drones”. Only this time, there is no Doctor to lead the fight.

From the trailer, it appears as if Revolution of the Daleks will have a much greater focus on the companions, as they are forced to step into the Doctor’s shoes as they have no idea where she is. Personally, I am incredibly excited about this. The fam have learnt a lot from their time with the Doctor and I can’t wait to see how they act without her.

The trailer also revealed some of the guest characters in the episode. Harriet Walter (Killing Eve) joins the cast as Jo Patterson and, although not much is known about the character, it seems like Patterson will be portraying either the Prime Minister or a high ranking government official.

Chris Noth (Sex and the City)  will be reprising his role as businessman Jason Robertson. Noth first appeared in Arachnids in the UK so it will be interesting to see what his character has been up to. Joining them will be Nathan Stewart-Jarrett who plays Leo Rugazzi. Once again not much is known about the character, but from the trailer, it seems like he is working with Jason Robertson.

All good things have to end, and The Revolution of Daleks marks the end of Tosin Cole’s (Ryan Sinclair) and Bradley Walsh’s (Graham O’Brien) Doctor Who journey. Although details of their departure are being kept under wraps, it is promised to be an “emotional rollercoaster” – so bring the tissues!

The epic 70-minute special Revolution of Daleks will air on New Year’s Day on BBC.


Words by Orla McAndrew 


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