Yes, All Women.


I was in my second year at university and walking home along the main road after a day of lectures. It was about 6 pm and still pretty light outside. A group of seven or eight guys, most of whom I knew through a uni sports club, were walking towards me. They were laughing and shouting at each other and clearly quite drunk.

As they came within a few metres of me, one of the club’s committee members unzipped his trousers, pulled out his dick and told me to touch it. The others all burst into laughter as I stood in front of them in complete shock. I wanted to get away as quickly as I could but there were so many of them that they blocked the path. I had to walk onto the road to get past them. I think what angers me the most is knowing how insignificant these sort of interactions are to most men. I doubt any of the guys that evening even remember it but I still cross the road any time I see a large group of me walking towards me

Words by Bec Oakes


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