Yes, All Women.


Driving home from work one evening, around dusk, I noticed one car had been following me all the way from town to my small village – about a 15-minute drive. Not totally impossible but definitely enough to give me that feeling all women are only too familiar with, where the hairs on your neck stand up and your entire brain screams danger. I pulled up on the side of the road to let him pass, not directly in front of my house out of fear he would know where I lived.

The man pulled in behind me.

I sat with bated breath debating whether to floor it away and hope he wasn’t there when I returned to park or whether to wait him out. Time seemed to stretch out but he eventually decided for me as he slowly drove away, staring into my window as he did.

I quickly reversed onto my drive, ran into the house, and double-locked the door. I called my mum for support and watched the road from behind the curtains. As I expected the same car then crept up the road again, back the way we came. Even in our own vehicles outside our own houses, the threat looms.

Words by Danni Scott


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