Yes, All Women.


Last year on my way to work, I was followed by a man to the entrance. I didn’t think any of it at first until I was followed by the same man at around 11pm after I had finished my shift. Something about his demeanour was off and I felt fearful. He was too close behind me and I felt like it was too much of a coincidence for him to also be following me after I left work. All I could think was “What if he tries to attack me? What do I do? Where can I go to feel safe?” The incident resulted in me purchasing a rape alarm as soon as I got home to protect myself from any further incidents. A family member now picks me up from work and parks where they can see me enter and leave my workplace. 

Incidents like these are happening far too often and women should not be afraid to walk home or leave their work. It is simply not safe for us to be out alone – day or night. The conversation about women’s safety needs to be opened. We do not feel safe and we are constantly alert.

Words by Jordan Baker


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