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price of rumalaya forte Beth Kirkbride
Founder & Music Editor

Beth is a 22 year old Marketing and Communications Officer for SAE UK. She graduated from Oxford in 2018 with a degree in English Language and Literature, and is currently studying for an NCTJ diploma in Journalism with News Associates, in London.

She lives in a flat in Oxford with her boyfriend Patrick (pictured). In her spare time she likes listening to vinyls, teaching herself how to code and eating McCoys Salt and Vinegar crisps.

naltrexone uk alcohol Contact: music@indiependent.co.uk

elimite retail price Callum McCormack
Deputy Music Editor

Hi I’m Callum McCormack and I’m the Deputy Music Editor. Currently studying Music Journalism at Southampton Solent University and spreading my sarcastic and pessimistic views across the land. Originally from the city of sin that is Coventry.

If I could describe myself in one song it would be ‘I’m A Realist’ by The Cribs, that should give you a solid idea on my personality. I’ve got a huge passion for festivals and I’m aspiring to be a music journalist. I’m nice though I promise…

rhinocort buy Contact: music@indiependent.co.uk

skinoren cream usa Priya Bryant
‘Discover’ Editor

Hiya I’m Priya, I read History at Cambridge University. I’ve been editor of the Discover section of The Indiependent since February 2015, and along with my co-editor Sam love taking the opportunity to reach out and widen the influence of unsigned artists at the most important moments in their careers.

When I’m not listening to almost every genre of music under the sun I’m an aspiring journalist (with writing published in the Guardian and Huffington Post) and a poet (one of the winners of the Foyle Young Poets of the Year Award 2016). In my spare time, I enjoy rice cakes, rewatching Bridget Jones, and the colour of the sea in winter.

ponstel cost Contact: music@indiependent.co.uk

serpina music instrument price in sri lanka Samantha King
Deputy ‘Discover’ Editor

I’m Sam and I’m an English & Film student at University of Dundee. I love writing about bands and exposing people to what could be their new favourites – as Discover deputy editor I’m also here to work with anyone who shares this passion.

Aside from that I’m obsessed with pop culture and like to yell about anything that interests me and turn it into a massive essay. I spend most of my time either at gigs or binge-watching shows and I can pretty much quote the entirety of Trainspotting.

dapoxetine usa approval Contact: music@indiependent.co.uk

prometrium canada Lewis Evans
Head of Photography

I’m currently in my 3rd year at the University of Sheffield, where I’m studying Journalism. I’ve developed a bit of a passion for photography over the past couple of years and can often be found at most gigs with a camera in hand. The Indie is definitely a good outlet to get involved with if you’re a music lover.

forxiga where to buy Contact: music@indiependent.co.uk

kytril retail cost Gabriel Rutherford
Books Editor

Studying English lit and Philosophy at Glasgow uni. I like to write about anything really, but my interests lie mostly in books and literature, which is why I’m the deputy books editor! Writing does play a big part in my life – I write now, mostly here, and my dream is to write for a living sometime in the future, as a journalist, or an author.

To sign off, The Indiependent is a great platform for any writer to develop their craft and an opportunity work with fantastic people with similar interests, and I’m proud to edit and write here.

betahistine order Contact: books@indiependent.co.uk

venlor xr 37.5 price Elliott Jones
Film Editor

I’m a student at NTU studying Media, Film & TV. I am absolutely obsessed with films and spend a lot of time at the cinema, as well as binge watching series on Netflix and listening to music. I’m always going to gigs and my favourite band will always remain Arctic Monkeys.

My idols are probably Christopher Nolan, Stanley Kubrick and Damien Chazelle and my ambition is to one day write and direct films. Something interesting about me would probably be the fact that I’m related to the should-be President Hillary Clinton!

desyrel uk Contact: film@indiependent.co.uk

super zhewitra price Ed Budds
Deputy Film Editor

I’m 21 and have recently graduated with a degree in Media and Film from Oxford Brookes University. I’m an obsessive film and television watcher, as well as an avidly devoted music and football fan. Most commonly sighted reviewing a new up and coming band in a sweaty dark venue somewhere, or simply just rewatching Goodfellas for the 15,675th time.

pandora uk online Contact: film@indiependent.co.uk

shatavari himalaya price Steph Green
Film News Editor

I’m Steph, a 21-year-old North Londoner in her final year at Leeds University studying English and French. When I’m not devouring films, podcasts or egg fried rice, you’ll find me trawling through the news, directing or producing plays and buying make-up I can’t afford.

I’m also enthusiastic about RuPaul’s Drag Race, disco and Timothée Chalamet’s bourgeoning monobrow.

arava price Contact: film@indiependent.co.uk

Charlie Knights
TV Editor

I took an interruption of study from my third year last year, but I am going back to finish by final year at Cardiff University next year, studying Social Policy and Criminology, although I swear I have spent my time doing a degree in student media of various forms.

I’ve always enjoyed reading The Indie when it pops up on my timeline, ever since my friend turned me on to it in 2016!

Contact: television@indiependent.co.uk

James Nash
Deputy TV Editor

19-year-old student studying English Literature & Film at Newcastle University, who spends far too much time on Netflix and Spotify. I’ve had a passion for screenwriting and directing for many years now, and would love to pursue that as a career someday.

You can usually find me fulfilling every arts student cliché in the book (examples include: vinyl records, vintage shirts, drinking too much coffee and romanticising the little things in life).

Contact: television@indiependent.co.uk

Megan Roxburgh
Games News Editor

Hi, I’m Megan Roxburgh and I’m the Gaming News Editor. I describe myself as a girl of two worlds who’s trying to figure it all out.
While I do that, I spend my time with some form of controller in my hands getting lost in a good story.Otherwise, I’m not much to be honest – just a twenty-something Scot who watches a lot of television, always watches the “Making of” documentaries first with films (Peter Jackson has set some unrealistic goals for everyone and I adore him for it) and who is thankful for the opportunities that writing for The Indiependent has given me. Not much else to say really other than one thing – I can still hear and pick out ADR/dubbing no matter how hard you try but I applaud the effort!Contact: games@indiependent.co.uk
Mary Helen Josephine
Games Features Editor

Mary Helen is a college senior in New York City looking to get anyone and everyone interested in gaming.

Her bloodstream is mostly caffeine, she’s the president of a co-ed fraternity, an on-air personality at her college’s radio station, and continues to procrastinate on homework assignments in order to attend concerts or hit the next checkpoint in a video game.

Contact: games@indiependent.co.uk

Georgia Hinson
Opinion Editor

English and Hispanic studies student at University of Nottingham, Londoner and cat-lover with a passion for politics, literature and above all, toblerone. An outlet that offers young people a place to speak their mind is of the utmost importance to me, and The Indiependent does just that.

As opinion editor I seek to work with other creators in providing readers with high quality articles from our amazing array of writers!

Contact: opinion@indiependent.co.uk

Joey Lewin
Opinion Editor

Joe, known as Joey by everyone except his mother and his passport, is a second-year law student at King’s College London, a fake Londoner wannabe and is someone who apparently bears a striking resemblance to the Milky Bar Kid.

He is a traveller who visited three continents in three months (and you bet he’ll find a way to bring it up in any conversation no matter how unrelated) and he enjoys speaking in the third person (obviously). The Indiependent helped give him his voice, it’s quite loud, but it does speak some sense. Sometimes.

Contact: opinion@indiependent.co.uk