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Magazine Editions of The Indiependent

May 2020

This is the first ever print edition of The Indiependent, which was sold during the Covid-19 pandemic and raised money for the British Lung Foundation. The individuals involved were: 

James Reynolds, Amelia Oprean, Ronan Duff, Ermis Madikopoulos, Sarah Turner, Beth Kirkbride, Kristen Sinclair, Will Ainsley, Polly Dale, Charlotte Bresh, Mhari Aurora, Emma Reilly, Gabby Koumis, Erin Allwood, Charley Weldrick, Wendy Greenberg, Sylvia O’Hara, Steph Green, Rebecca Cook, Jack Roberts, Elliott Jones, Ed Budds, Jonathan Rose, Tara Fair, James Nash, Danni Scott, Mary Helen Josephine, Megan Roxburgh, Jacob Fleming, Andrew Muir, Morgan Gustafson, Richard M. Baker, Madeleine Coffey, Tom Brady, Zara-Louise O’Toole

Those named above in bold were responsible for editing the edition.

The magazine was designed and typeset by Beth Kirkbride, founder of The Indiependent.