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Album Review: Under My Influence // The Aces

Following the success of their 2018 album When My Heart Felt Volcanic, the Utah based indie-pop band had a lively two years. From opening for 5 Seconds of Summer to going on their first headline tour, The Aces spent most of their time travelling and touring the world, with no mentions of further releases. However, […]Read More

Album Review: A Hero’s Death // Fontaines D.C.

It would be fair to say that no new band has made quite the impression that Fontaines D.C. has. The Dubliners depict Irish life through a synthesis of dirty post-punk and Joycean lyrics. The band’s new album, A Hero’s Death, follows on from their electrifying debut Dogrel, and while the band channel some of the […]Read More

Album Review: On Sunset // Paul Weller

Every artist’s career is a journey of progression. From the music that brought them their first notoriety, they will experiment with sounds and musical textures, until years later they are producing work that no one would have expected. Such is the journey of Paul Weller, The Modfather. At 62, his career has outlasted those of […]Read More

Album Review: folklore // Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift may have just gone back to the woods and created not only one of her best albums to date but possibly the best album of the last five years. Can this woman do no wrong? Written with a more seemingly delicate touch, Swift’s eighth studio album folklore has not only hit the nail […]Read More

Album Review: Ungodly Hour // Chloe x Halle

Sister act Chloe x Halle’s latest album Ungodly Hour marks a departure from their girl-next-door image by providing an insight into more mature issues such as sex and betrayal. The duo first made their name as actresses, appearing in several films and Disney’s Austin and Ally before being taken under the wing of Beyoncé and […]Read More

Album Review: Take The Edge Off // Pet Crow

Pet Crow, from Derby, have a captivating sound full of groovy melodies, introduced nicely by their debut album A Small and Medium Guide to Pond Life. The record paid homage to The Slits, new-wave and Britpop, bolstered by their own helping of anger and upset. The band followed this up with a single, ‘How Are You […]Read More

Album Review: The Prettiest Curse // Hinds

Hinds have always been a couple of years ahead of their time. It is nine years since the original ‘Deers’ duo formed in Madrid and six since ‘Bamboo’ made its ripple. The eventual foursome that would become ‘Hinds’ had found two years in between to perfect their brand of garage rock, latching onto trends laid […]Read More

Album Review: New Me, Same Us // Little Dragon

Sweden’s Little Dragon rose to prominence on early releases Ritual Union and Machine Dreams, which introduced listeners to singer Yukimi Nagano’s soft, soulful  vocals and established the group’s versatile brand of electropop. Those unfamiliar with Little Dragon’s previous releases may nonetheless have already encountered their sound, as the band have provided features on SBTRKT’s ‘Wildfire’, […]Read More

Album Review: The New Abnormal // The Strokes

The philosopher Antonio Gramsci once characterised crisis as the interregnum between the death of old and the birth of new. In 2001, I sat on the edge of a bed in a small Greek hotel room and watched the screen on the wall tell me about a country called Afghanistan. I had no sense that […]Read More

Album Review: Wake Up, Sunshine // All Time Low

All Time Low have made a comeback after two years with their eighth studio album, Wake Up, Sunshine. Released on 3 April 2020, it encompasses two decades of experience and artistry into an album that will be universally loved.  This release was no doubt supposed to be the soundtrack to many summer getaways, but instead […]Read More

Blast From The Past: Beachcomber’s Windowsill // Stornoway

Instead of containing lyrics or photos of the band, the paper insert of Beachcomber’s Windowsill features beautiful drawings of sea creatures, as though the album itself washed up on shore alongside them for collection by the eponymous beachcomber. Stornoway released their debut album on the 24th May 2010, just weeks after signing a record deal […]Read More

Album Review: how i’m feeling now // Charli XCX

Covid-19 has had polarising effects on creatives. While some are understandably finding the stress and bleakness of the current climate stifling to their productivity and creativity, others have found themselves inspired. This is the case for Charli XCX who, in just a month, has created one of the first “quarantine albums”: a record wholly inspired […]Read More

Album Review: Enter Shikari // Nothing Is True & Everything

Nothing Is True & Everything Is Possible is a quintessential Enter Shikari album, taking its listeners on a journey of their sound and proving that the possibilities of genre are endless.  The boys of Enter Shikari are back with their sixth studio album: Nothing Is True & Everything Is Possible. Fans of Shikari already know […]Read More