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Album Review: Wake Up, Sunshine // All Time Low

All Time Low have made a comeback after two years with their eighth studio album, Wake Up, Sunshine. Released on 3 April 2020, it encompasses two decades of experience and artistry into an album that will be universally loved.  This release was no doubt supposed to be the soundtrack to many summer getaways, but instead […]Read More

Blast From The Past: Beachcomber’s Windowsill // Stornoway

Instead of containing lyrics or photos of the band, the paper insert of Beachcomber’s Windowsill features beautiful drawings of sea creatures, as though the album itself washed up on shore alongside them for collection by the eponymous beachcomber. Stornoway released their debut album on the 24th May 2010, just weeks after signing a record deal […]Read More

Album Review: how i’m feeling now // Charli XCX

Covid-19 has had polarising effects on creatives. While some are understandably finding the stress and bleakness of the current climate stifling to their productivity and creativity, others have found themselves inspired. This is the case for Charli XCX who, in just a month, has created one of the first “quarantine albums”: a record wholly inspired […]Read More

Album Review: Enter Shikari // Nothing Is True & Everything

Nothing Is True & Everything Is Possible is a quintessential Enter Shikari album, taking its listeners on a journey of their sound and proving that the possibilities of genre are endless.  The boys of Enter Shikari are back with their sixth studio album: Nothing Is True & Everything Is Possible. Fans of Shikari already know […]Read More

Album Review: Cenizas // Nicolas Jaar

You’ve heard it before: musician banishes themselves to a remote corner of the world with nothing but a guitar, a synth and their ego. They emerge a year later with an album, having ‘found themselves’ and probably grown a beard. Despite the cliché, these tales of self-exile are often behind the most interesting albums, particularly […]Read More

Album Review: SAWAYAMA // Rina Sawayama

SAWAYAMA is outstandingly raw, empowering and full of early 2000s Britney Spears vibes on a rollercoaster ride of bold synthetic beats and catchy lyrics. Japanese-born British Rina Sawayama has created a supreme, gritty concoction of an electropop and Nu-Metal in this latest release. The album hits sensitive and personal notes that delve into her childhood, […]Read More

Album Review: Which Way Out // The Reverse

Which Way Out, set for release on 24 April via Blang Records by North London guitar band The Reverse, is an acerbic portrait of 2020 Britain. The album opens with ‘Crush My Chest With Your Hate’, a biting social commentary on the side of the left behind. Lyrics such as “Losing your benefits / all […]Read More

Album Review: Future Nostalgia // Dua Lipa

With so many albums postponed by COVID-19, many music fans will be feeling frustrated and disappointed. It is understandable why many artists are choosing to delay, but the excitement and, most of all, escapism, that these releases offer is needed now more than ever. Despite what is now bound to be a disappointing spring for […]Read More

Album Review: Map of the Soul: 7 // BTS

Map of the Soul: 7 is the fourth Korean language and seventh overall studio album by South Korean boy band, BTS, released 21 February 2020. The seven member group released the album as a follow-up to their previous album, Map of the Soul: Persona. In a Variety interview earlier this year, BTS said that the […]Read More

Album Review: Healer // Grouplove

In these dark and uncertain times, we are all in need of a little hope and positivity. I was keen to listen to a new Grouplove album embodying the ethos of “aiming to fight hopelessness”, not only for the thematic bent, but because Grouplove were one of my favourite bands at sixteen. I grew up […]Read More

Album Review: Sad Happy // Circa Waves

Sad Happy is the fourth studio album by indie-rock band, Circa Waves, released 13 March 2020. The Liverpool based four-piece released the album in two halves; Happy was released at the beginning of the year, with Sad added to the mix this month. In an NME interview at the end of last year, frontman Kieran […]Read More

Album Review: The Slow Rush // Tame Impala

James Reynolds reviews The Slow Rush, the latest offering from Australian multi-instrumentalist, Kevin Parker. Last summer, Funkadelic’s sixth Standing on the Verge of Getting It On turned forty-five. The record marked a deliberate shift for the collective, away from making artsy psychedelia for blues fans and towards making artsy psychedelia for fans of rock and […]Read More

Album Review: Walk Beyond the Dark // Abigail Williams

Abigail Williams are a black metal band who have always seen themselves as outsiders. On their comeback album Walk Beyond the Dark, they infuse a captivating atmosphere with a melodic edge. Listening to it feels both exciting and dangerous because the riffs and production are colossal. ‘I Will Depart’ starts things off nicely, with rip […]Read More

Album Review: Ÿ // Öxxö XööX

Öxxö XööX is a French experimental black metal project, which is the brainchild of Laurent Lunoir, of Igorrr. Igorrr’s music is original, with influences ranging from Venetian Snares and breakcore to Atari Teenage Riot and black metal. It twists and turns in unexpected directions, without pausing for breath. But over the years, since forming XööX, […]Read More

Album Review: Songs of the Highway // Josh Gray

Songs of the Highway is an album by Nashville country singer Josh Gray. The album is about an increasingly self-absorbed society and features some insightful social commentary. The album was initially funded by a Kickstarter campaign which raised $9000. During 2015, Josh travelled 30,000 miles playing pubs and bars along the East Coast, coming up […]Read More