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Book Review: The Hate U Give// Angie Thomas

George Floyd was killed by a white police officer completely unnecessarily. The uproar caused by his death gave new symbolism to the Black Lives Matter Movement. Seeing the awful circumstances of his death compelled me to read novels and educate myself on the discriminations faced by black people on a daily basis. Taking this into […]Read More

Book Review: Summer with my Sister // Lucy Diamond

I recently finished reading Summer with my Sister by Lucy Diamond, and found it to be an enchanting and witty summer read. When successful high-flyer Polly Johnson is made redundant from her glamorous city job in London, her world falls apart. Having worked her way up the career ladder, it comes as a huge shock […]Read More

Book Review: Queenie // Candice Carty-Williams

In the current climate of increased awareness surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement, Queenie by Candice Carty-Williams is probably already on your radar, but if not, I’m here to tell you why it should be your next read. It has been widely credited as the “next Bridget Jones”, but I think it is so much […]Read More

The Book That Could End Trump’s Presidency

Michael Wolff was an author who made his name through his famous book ‘Fire and Fury’. This was a book that hit headlines hugely near the beginning of the Donald Trump presidency. Its purpose was to highlight the disgusting behaviour exhibited by not only Trump himself, but by the staffers and campaigners throughout his campaign […]Read More

Top 5 Books to Read this Summer

Although the weather is not reflecting it right now it is technically summertime. There's something extra special about spending a warm summer day reading. So, here are my top 5 books to read this summer. Read More

Book Review: Dune // Frank Herbert

Arguably, Dune is one of the best science fiction books ever written, given a plethora of awards including the Hugo and Nebula Awards. The plot and setting have influenced many films and franchises, the most notable being Star Wars.  First, a brief summary of the seminal sci-fi novel, first in the trilogy. Within a feudal […]Read More

Book Review: Salt to the Sea // Ruta Sepetys

Ruta Sepetys’ Salt to the Sea is a ground-breaking piece of historical fiction that sheds light on a forgotten event in history: the sinking of the Wilhelm Gustloff. The Wilhelm Gustloff was a Nazi hospital ship which was carrying refugees away from the advancing Red Army. The majority of these people had false papers – […]Read More

Book Review: A Little Life // Hanya Yanagihara

It’s almost one month since I started reading A Little Life, the Man Booker Prize finalist by Hanya Yanagihara published in 2015. Prior to this, my lockdown reading had been speedy – almost frantic – as I tried to consume as much as I could in this unprecedented pause, and to escape the unpleasant truth […]Read More

Are Audiobooks ‘Reading’?

Audiobooks tend to divide the masses in the world of literature. With applications such as Audible and Scribd helping with accessibility to books and stories, some adore them. Others, myself included, are not big fans of them. On top of this divide, there is an inherent question among consumers of literature: can audiobooks rightfully be […]Read More

Book Review: The Tradition // Jericho Brown

“I’m sure Somebody died while We made love. Some- Body killed somebody Black. I thought then Of holding you As a political act. I May as well have Held myself.” (‘Stand’ in The Tradition by Jericho Brown) The Tradition by Jericho Brown won the 2020 Pulitzer Prize for Poetry – and rightly so. It is […]Read More