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Book Review: Summer with my Sister // Lucy Diamond

I recently finished reading Summer with my Sister by Lucy Diamond, and found it to be an enchanting and witty summer read. When successful high-flyer Polly Johnson is made redundant from her glamorous city job in London, her world falls apart. Having worked her way up the career ladder, it comes as a huge shock […]Read More

TV Review: Mr. Robot – Season 3

If there was going to be a season that proves TV is overtaking Film on not just a technical level but on a cultivative, narrative level, Season 3 of Mr Robot should be at the very top of that list. I would almost say that it’s not just Season 3 but the entirety of the show […]Read More

TV Review: Atypical Series 1

It’s highly possible that there are people who think Atypical romanticises autism, however in reality what Netflix have done is epitomise the life changing path of a typical teenager. For sure, being 18 years old and seeking a full time ‘practise girlfriend’ alongside his avid interest in the Antarctic, is not the perfect scenario for a […]Read More

Six Reasons Why You Should Be Reading Laura Wade

Since her first major dramatic success (Colder Than Here, which premiered at the Soho Court Theatre in 2005), Laura Wade has gone from strength to strength in the world of theatre and film. If you aren’t already a fan of her introspective and dynamic work, here are half a dozen reasons why you should be… […]Read More

TV Review: The Hollow Crown – Wars of the Roses

It is often bemoaned that the first time people experience most Shakespeare plays, they’re reading straight out of a bound copy and not watching the action take place on stage. Admittedly, a television adaptation doesn’t give quite the same sense of immediacy as a live drama production does, but it is generally the next best […]Read More

TV News: BBC One’s Dickensian Cancelled

If you were a fan of the recent BBC One drama Dickensian and you wanted ‘some more’, then like Oliver Twist himself you will be disappointed. The big budget drama, which was inspired by Charles Dickens’s novels, has been axed after just one series. Running for 20 episodes after a successful launch on Boxing Day, […]Read More

TV Review: Cuffs

When the BBC aired an advert for a new, modern police drama called Cuffs, I was unsure. Hadn’t The Bill already set the tone for this kind of thing? Was it wise to create another programme that would see characters tackle crime, criminals and, in some cases, each other? Absolutely. Over the course of its eight episode stint, Cuffs […]Read More

TV Review: The Man in the High Castle // Episodes

The Man in The High Castle is Amazon studios latest title airing exclusively on their video streaming service Amazon Prime. Set in an alternate 1960’s America it presents a world where the Axis forces won World War Two and follows the main protagonists Juliana, Frank and Joe’s involvement in a mysterious plot to change everything. […]Read More

TV Review: American Horror Story: Hotel // Checking In

When surveying the other reviews circling the internet of American Horror Story: Hotel’s premiere episode, ‘Checking In’, there were several words that seemed to crop up all too often. Namely, these were ‘gross’; ‘lunacy’, and ‘just what to expect’. Never has a better summary of an AHS season been seen; after all, this is same […]Read More

Drama Review: An Ideal Husband // Oscar Wilde

Many people recognise Oscar Wilde for his famous Gothic-style novel The Picture of Dorian Gray, or his well-known lighthearted comedy The Importance of Being Earnest – both excellent works of fiction. But I have found a new favourite in An Ideal Husband, which was written in 1893 and is charmingly satirical. The play centres around Sir Robert […]Read More

TV Review: This Is England ’90 // Spring

The latest instalment of Shane Meadows’ cult This Is England series appeared on our screens last night as This Is England ’90 kicked off in a sea of alcohol, cigarette smoke, glow sticks and Madchester inspired sounds. As has become tradition with the series now into its 3rd era, the minute the one before ends you want the […]Read More

Five of Today’s Most Under Appreciated Movies

Have you ever been talking about movies with a friend and suggested one of your personal favourites enthusiastically, only for them to respond with a blank face? This has happened to me all too often for me to be able to let it go, so instead, I decided I’d write an article about several movies […]Read More

TV Review: True Detective Season Finale

‘Omega Station.’ True Detective Seeason 2 comes to an end, while I’m happy overall about this season many people weren’t. In this review I’ll talk about the main talking points of the final episode, then look at this season’s response online before giving you my view on the series as a whole. He who killed […]Read More