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Theatre Review: A Gambler’s Guide to Dying // Gary McNair

Originally performed at the Traverse Theatre as part of the Made in Scotland Edinburgh Festival Showcase in 2015, Gary McNair’s A Gambler’s Guide to Dying is now presented in short film or ‘theatrical capture’ format. The new adaptation makes use of film techniques to further bring the story to life in a time when live […]Read More

Theatre Review: Pater Noster // Francesca Caruso

Pater Noster (which translates to the Lord’s Prayer) asks for strength during the coming day, and for forgiveness of sin and temptation. This is a sentiment seemingly absent from Francesca Caruso’s production of the absurdist, yet touchingly reflective, play Pater Noster. Instead, the show inquires into the meaning of religious symbols and rituals, and (perhaps […]Read More

Gaming News: Niantic To Partner With Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Niantic, Inc – the studio behind the highly successful mobile games Pokemon GO! and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite – has announced that they will be partnering with the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to help the global arts industry during the COVID-19 pandemic. The partnership will see the festival, which is among the many events cancelled due […]Read More

A Weekend at the Fringe

You may know the Edinburgh Fringe Festival as having a reputation for attracting hordes of pretentious southern arts students who completely invade the city for a month (probably annoying the local Scots more than Brexit does) to see a wealth of overpriced shows and comedy that will most likely contain some anti-Trump themes and a […]Read More

Theatre Review: Listen, You Can Hear The Sound Of No

Ponder Theatre’s fifty-minute production of Listen, You Can Hear The Sound Of No Hands Clapping is written and directed by Melanie Noa Jehan, who devised her script by adapting John Milton’s Paradise Lost into an “avant-garde history play”. The piece follows six era-defining historical figures, such as Homer and Katherine Parr, who explore well-known works […]Read More

We Are Such Stuff // The Voice Squad

When speaking of Suffolk, one rarely races to name arts or culture as its greatest export. In fact, when I mention my home county to the my musically-minded acquaintances, I am usually met with point-blank confusion, such is the apparent absence of the rural east in the nation’s creative discussion. As far as the rest […]Read More