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Opinion: Boris Johnson and His Ideal Society

Boris Johnson had what alcoholics call a ‘moment of clarity’ whilst on his sickbed, announcing, “there is such a thing as society”; a superficial contradiction of Thatcherism. Where Thatcher may have little in common, rhetorically speaking, with Ayn Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism, the outcome of her policies illustrates some similarity. The Russian-American author’s novels, The […]Read More

Ahmaud Arbery: How The Public Becomes The New Government

Ahmaud Arbery was out on a jog in the coastal city of Brunswick, Georgia, when Gregory McMichael saw him and thought he resembled the suspect of recent break-ins in the area. Gregory and his son, Travis, pursued Mr. Arbery in their pick-up truck and armed themselves. Video footage of Travis appearing to fire a gun […]Read More

My Journey Through a Literary Labyrinth

The best way to learn someone’s secret is to have them write a story.  “So it really happened?” one reviewer demanded. “The professor made her do. . .that in exchange for raising her boyfriend’s grade?” The author—still under a mandate of silence—shrugged. “Is it based on your life?” someone else slyly asked. Nostrils flared, eyes […]Read More

Magazines to Help You Stay Sane: Keep it Varied and

As cabin fever kicks in and each day blends into the next readers may seek something different. A book does wonders for the mind; but a magazine, ah, now that is something different. The notion of the magazine shouldn’t be synonymous with cheap nonsense. The print world has taken a hammering in recent years, yet a […]Read More

Keeping up with the Coronavirus

It’s in times like these where I like to remind myself of the wise words from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: “DON’T PANIC”. I’ll not lie to you, I’ve been trying to get this written for almost a week. Now that we’re all on lockdown, it’s a perfect time to reflect on all the […]Read More

Theatre Review: Dear Evan Hansen // West End

Dear Evan Hansen… That was a brilliant production, and here’s why. Following the eponymous Evan Hansen after the death of a fellow student, Dear Evan Hansen is a stunning dive into depression and loneliness in a world dominated by social media. The musical effortlessly moves from comedic highlights to utterly devastating moments, handling the tragic […]Read More

Conservatives dominated Twitter at a ‘crucial’ time with ‘misleading’ account

Last Tuesday during the ITV pre-election debate between  Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn, the Conservative Party renamed the official @CCHQPress Twitter account to ‘factcheckUK’. The party also temporarily replaced its profile picture with a tick logo and a header image with the logo, the text ‘factcheck UK’ and then in much smaller font ‘from CCHQ’, […]Read More

Film News: A ‘Joker’ Sequel? Are You Kidding Me?

Nowadays, if a film does well it seems within two minutes there’s a sequel announced. This year’s psychological supervillain drama Joker has not been spared this increasingly commonplace studio bullshit. Earlier this week The Hollywood Reporter published a story stating that the original director, Todd Phillips, was in talks to return for a second Joker […]Read More

We Need to Talk About Elitism in Theatre

There is a rift within the theatre community and money is the reason. During my first year of university, I was watching Les Misérables (2012) with my friends. One of my friends, who lives near London and frequently goes to West End shows, declared that the film just wasn’t as good as the live show, […]Read More

Neuralink: The Dangerous Pipe-Dreams Of A Billionaire

There is no question that Elon Musk currently ranks among the most influential billionaires of the 21st century. Among the likes of Richard Branson, Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, Musk has managed to carve himself out as perhaps one of the most relatable and down-to-earth of the western elite, starting with his early creation of […]Read More

Bigotry, Austerity and Charlatanism: Who Is Boris Johnson?

As of the 23rd July 2019, Boris Johnson is the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, following Theresa May’s resignation earlier this year. The news emerged during a Summer heatwave, prompting the public to highlight the pathetic fallacy of our current situation: the gates of hell have been opened, and the world is officially […]Read More

My Body, My Choice: My Questions for Alabama

If you haven’t heard the news: on Tuesday, Alabama’s Republican-controlled state senate passed a bill to outlaw abortion, challenging the Supreme Court’s ruling that legalised abortion across the country in the 1970s. Since then, other states have discussed bringing in the same ban, with Missouri joining Alabama by passing a bill banning abortions after eight […]Read More