‘Into The Labyrinth’ Is A Visually Appealing Head-Scratcher: Review

Based on a novel by the director himself, Donato Carrisi’s Into the Labyrinth is a twisty thriller that misses the mark. After mysteriously reappearing 15 years after her abduction, Samantha Andretti (Valentina Bellè) consults with a laid-back psychiatrist named Dr. Green (Dustin Hoffman) to find the person responsible for her kidnapping. Samantha recalls being trapped […]Read More

‘Shook’ — Social Media Gone Bad: Review

Director Jennifer Harrington’s Shook is a satirical takedown of social media celebrities that remains a guilty pleasure from start to finish. Shook follows Mia (Daisye Tutor), a makeup product influencer who has devoted her entire life to attracting more followers and surrounded herself with similar-minded people. Mia leaves her personal life on the backburner, much […]Read More

‘Preparations To Be Together For An Unknown Period Of Time’

Director Lili Horvát’s new film is an unsettling exploration of love and obsession, carried by a mesmerising performance from Natasa Stork. Preparations to be Together for an Unknown Period of Time (whew, what a doozy of a title) centres on Márta (Stork), a Hungarian neurosurgeon living in the US who falls instantly in love with […]Read More