EP Review: The Language of Clouds // Scott Howard


Scott Howard has a distinctive voice that reminds me of Cat Stevens. Following the success of his previous album Ascended Man, which received over six million streams on Facebook, he’s back with a new EP The Language of Clouds. His music is tuned to 432 Hz (the same frequency as composers Beethoven and Bach), which gives it a pure, refreshing, natural feeling. When listening to it, you can appreciate its warm tones.

These songs take you on a spiritual journey. ‘Written in the Clouds’ features a mellotron, instantly transporting you back to the 1960s. The clean guitar chords work well with Scott’s deep voice, carrying a spiritual atmosphere. The opening lyric: “What language do you speak when you say hello to a cloud out loud” is powerful and deep. The chorus builds on the song’s idea that your destiny is laid out for you: “Thunder and lightning be on their way to say  / “wake up and find your way.”

The second track, ‘Queen of Hearts’, has a beautiful and realistic portrayal of a relationship. The first verse is hopeful – “A life without a single storm, hopes are filled with gold” – which makes the listener feel positive, but as the relationship takes hold, cracks start to appear. The chorus soars, with Howard displaying his strong vocal range.

‘Harvest Blessings’ is a live track. The reverb on Scott’s vocals puts you in a relaxing headspace. The song is a ray of positivity in these difficult times, and the audience can feel it when he sings. Full of positivity, ‘Harvest Blessings’ sums up the EP nicely.

Scott Howard is a real talent with a stunning vocal range. The Language of Clouds brings a calm aura to the listener, with uplifting lyrics and wonderful melodies.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos


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