Stop Putting Avocado In Your Hair: A Guide To Curls

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According to a study done by the Cosmetics Business in 2015, up to 62% of women struggle with frizz and name it their biggest hair problem. Here is what will actually help with it.

Do home remedies for hair work?

Growing up with curly hair which amassed unbearable frizz in my teen years, I’ve tried every product on the planet to try and tame the problem. This also includes the golden natural remedies praised by TikTok experts such as coconut oil, castor oil, and rosemary oil. Both of the curly hair specialists I interviewed have agreed that we should all leave oil and the likes of avocado in the kitchen. Ohio Curly Hair Specialist Libby Brenner says, “I am not a big believer in using things that aren’t made for hair, in your hair. I think a lot of times it’s a recipe for disaster.”

What can make your hair worse?

I’ve spent unspeakable amounts of money and wasted a lot of time trying to make my hair behave. Frizzy hair is very common, especially in the UK where the water is hard and the weather is quite wet. It can sometimes seem like there’s no escape. What exactly causes frizz? Apparently, almost everything. Some of those things include rough towel drying, over-brushing, rinsing with hot water, split ends and of course, humidity.

Unfortunately, many of the items which claim to help with frizz do the exact opposite. They dry out your locks and make them even more unmanageable. Maintenance procedures such as bleaching and dyeing can also make hair more brittle and subject to frizz. It can feel like a cat-and-mouse chase trying to dodge anything that could make the frizz worse whilst looking for something that will tame it. But don’t be defeated; Libby Brenner also said, “I manage my own hair by managing my expectations. I know that if I am not putting a lot of work into my wash day, I am not going to get a lot of days out of my hair.” Frizz may be annoying to deal with, but it’s not the end of the world and there are many ways to tackle it and ensure smooth hair. 

What actually helps?

One day, after tirelessly scrolling through the internet and trying to find remedies for frizz that didn’t include using a product for £100+, I stumbled across silk bonnets. A silk bonnet is like a swimming cap made out of a breathable material that is worn for protection during sleep. After reading the raving reviews, I hit ‘buy’ and waited for my own to arrive. I wasn’t expecting much. I thought my hair would still find a way to rebel even against that. The only thing is, it didn’t. For once in my life, I have managed to tame my frizz. And you can too!

Silk bonnets possess heaps of benefits other than preventing frizz such as also preventing tangles and boosting hydration. London hairdresser and curly hair specialist, Trina (@hairbytrina) says, “I sleep with a bonnet. I think having a silk one is best advised as it’s breathable; it’s not a synthetic product which might feel itchy.”

How do silk bonnets work?

Silk bonnets also protect your skin as your hair stays out of your face, and whatever products you have used don’t touch your skin. Silk is hypoallergenic, natural, and breathable; it’s perfect for individuals with sensitive skin. The breathable nature of the silk bonnets also ensures that your head stays at the perfect temperature which improves sound sleep. Silk bonnets can be used for every hair type there is- even for the finest and straightest strands. Brenner says, “I do have a lot of clients that like to use bonnets. I usually recommend a silk or satin one just because those are the best and make sure your hair isn’t rubbing up against something that will create friction and then cause frizz.”

After using the bonnet for 3 weeks now, my hair feels smoother and has fewer flyaways. Frizz has been massively subdued. My waves are more defined and stay in place during the night. I’m not trying to say you are missing out on the healthiest hair of your life, but you are missing out on the healthiest hair of your life!

Words by Wiktoria Czajka


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