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Your ‘Grl Pwr’ T-Shirt Might Not Be Feminist At All

This year, International Women’s Day has coincided with the universal surge of outrage concerning Sarah Everard. Conversations concerning the wider mistreatment of women both in the UK and further afield are being had despite being left unspoken for far too long. This highlights, yet again, the continued need for feminism in a world dominated by […]Read More

Are We Witnessing The Fall of Boohoo?

Over the last few years, a fashion revolution has been taking place. While the rest of the world speeds up, many in the fashion industry are trying to slow down and take time to create ethical, environmental, and sustainable fashion options. One brand who has been doing the opposite but still reaping benefits is Boohoo […]Read More

Is Controversy Enough To Crush Fast Fashion?

Fashion retailer Pretty Little Thing has once again faced backlash and uproar on social media after selling their clothes for as little as 6p during their 2020 Black Friday Sale. While the PLT sale boomed and items sold out in the snap of a finger, many on Twitter were eager to express their excitement at […]Read More

Sew What? H&M’s New Recycled Collection is a Threadbare, Greenwashing

Fast fashion juggernaut H&M launched its 2020 Fall collection earlier this month which they described as ‘an exploration of the beauty and innovation behind recycled materials’. The collection comprises eight pieces of clothing made from ‘more sustainably sourced’ materials like lace, jacquard, and wool. But is this just a tokenistic performance to appease critics, and […]Read More

Accelerated Change In The Fashion Industry

New York Times journalist Irina Aleksander’s recent article ‘Sweatpants Forever’ to me has become required reading. Exploring the decline of the fashion industry, the piece exposes how commercial and consumer behaviours have radically altered the sector for the worse. Simply put, the ‘decline of the fashion industry’ is a term summarising how the way that […]Read More

Disposable Clothes, Disposable Lives

Since becoming a UN Goodwill Ambassador for Women in 2014 and launching her #HeForShe campaign, Emma Watson’s name is scarcely mentioned without a nod to her desire to enforce positive change across the globe in relation to the inequality gender too often affords us. Over the past year, Watson has been repeatedly referenced across the […]Read More