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Book Review: Summer with my Sister // Lucy Diamond

I recently finished reading Summer with my Sister by Lucy Diamond, and found it to be an enchanting and witty summer read. When successful high-flyer Polly Johnson is made redundant from her glamorous city job in London, her world falls apart. Having worked her way up the career ladder, it comes as a huge shock […]Read More

Game At A Glance: Broforce

Title: Broforce Developer: Free Lives What I Think: Broforce is an arcade-style shooter based on explosions and caricature, with the player using heroes based on various characters from classic action movies. When I say “based”, I mean they’ve added ‘bro’ to their name in some way, however tenuous. Broforce is a comedy game that’s actually fun to play; […]Read More

A Definitely Not Sarcastic Letter To The Media: Am I

Dear all of the media (both social and otherwise), I am currently pacing around my room in a frantic tizz of an eruptive, emotional and distinctly female mess as I am suddenly stumped by a question that supposedly people have asked themselves for many years. Presumably, from the beginning of time itself, people have pondered […]Read More