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8 Steps to Studying in Europe: A Guide for EU/EEA

If you’re in your final year of education, now is probably a good time to start thinking about the future. Don’t worry, I am not here to lecture you. The question, “what do you intend to do with your life?” has probably popped up all too often and the last thing you need is another person […]Read More

How to do well at A-Level: A Guide

It’s that time of the year again when the all fresh-faced sixth formers of the country grudgingly return to face every students’ worse nightmare: A Levels. Two years of hard work before you’re finally set free at university can seem like a daunting ask but, with the right mentality and effective revision techniques, it needn’t […]Read More

Why you shouldn’t apply to Oxford or Cambridge

Society idolises Oxbridge. An offer from either Oxford or Cambridge has become a synonym for success, with many high-achieving students feeling they need an Oxbridge offer to validate their intelligence. This is wrong. While Oxbridge might be the right decision for some, others allow prestige to blind their judgement. There are many things to consider […]Read More

The University Application Process Explained: What to Expect

The final year of school is overflowing with milestones and one of them is applying to university. According to UCAS, 592,290 students applied for university in the last academic year, and 18 year olds from lower income backgrounds are almost twice more likely to apply to university now than they were ten years ago. 409,000 […]Read More

A Brief History of Eyeliner

Beside my laptop are three resources relating to an art form I know relatively little about – I mean, I just scraped a B grade in GCSE Textiles – but am consistently enthralled by: the August issue of Vogue, It by Alexa Chung and 100 Years of Fashion by Cally Blackman. I’d feel like a […]Read More

A is for Ashley Madison Users Need YOU

Anyone familiar with Nathaniel Hawthorne’s ‘A Scarlet Letter’ will be familiar with the story of Hester Prynne, a married woman who commits adultery in Puritan Boston and ends up pregnant with the pastor’s child. To recompense for her sin, she is forced by the community to wear a scarlet ‘A’ on her clothes as a […]Read More

The noble knight has been executed by Tinder – chivalry

Once heralded as the idealised version of male behaviour, chivalry was the standard to win the hearts of medieval dames and Victorian aristocrats, as well as 40s pin-ups and Disney Princesses. Yet, as a modernising society, the beating heart of chivalry was ripped out and left to die. In our caffeine-fuelled, gossip-ridden, Hollywood-obsessed world, there […]Read More

Learning to write again: the struggle of A-levels with a

In the depths of December 2014 whist I was cramming for A-Level mocks, my History teacher suggested I visited the deputy Head’s Office. There, she sat me down and informed me that the school wanted to test me for a learning difficulty. Writing had always been a challenge; as a child my spelling was so […]Read More

Modern Technology + Relationships = Intimacy Unravelled

Arguably the most popular forms of modern technology are text messaging and the use of social media. Said technologies have become such a vital part of what society considers a normal life, that it seems that despite their virtual nature, they have managed to supersede our reality. This seems to be occurring most notably in […]Read More

The Waiting Game

This week you’ve gone over every scenario possible in your head about what can happen tomorrow. Today you’ve checked the grade boundaries and done the maths in your mind about how realistic it is to get an A. Tomorrow, you’ll wake up and check UCAS persistently until the e-mail that has ability to change a […]Read More

“The sky is empty” – Breaking Down The Atheist Taboo

I’m an atheist. And yes, you’ve already began to feel a sense of unease. Your judgement is suddenly clouded by an air of suspicion. I can tell because it happens with nearly everybody. The second you mention the A-word to someone, they instantly change their opinion of you, as though you’ve just revealed that you’re […]Read More