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EP Review: Down Long Enough // Re.decay

Down Long Enough is the highly anticipated EP from rising funk hip-hop production duo, Re.decay. The EP brings together a diversity of featured artists, blending skilful musicianship to create great hooks, and we can comfortably say it’s some of the highest levels of production we’ve heard. Released last Friday (26th June), it had big expectations based […]Read More

Track Review: Love Altercation // Abyss X

Crete-born Abyss X – real name Evangelia Lachianina – has spent the last few years carving out a niche amid good company. Appearing alongside SOPHIE and Grimes at the Bio Haque show in Miami last year, the artist has established a space in flamboyant industrial music and is set to release her second full-length album […]Read More

2020 Hindsight: The Best Singles of the Year So Far

Discover Editor Will Ainsley rounds up the best singles of 2020 so far. Tewali Sukali // Nihiloxica Nihiloxica sound like no other band. I’ve never seen them live but any glance on YouTube will show you what a tantalising prospect they are. The percussionists all have these steely gazes,  it’s half thousand-yard stare, half baleful seethe; […]Read More

Album Review: Enter Shikari // Nothing Is True & Everything

Nothing Is True & Everything Is Possible is a quintessential Enter Shikari album, taking its listeners on a journey of their sound and proving that the possibilities of genre are endless.  The boys of Enter Shikari are back with their sixth studio album: Nothing Is True & Everything Is Possible. Fans of Shikari already know […]Read More

Track Review: BUSSIT // Ari Lennox

Ari Lennox, the first female to be signed to J Cole’s record label, Dreamville, has delivered again with the much anticipated ‘BUSSIT’. Lennox gets straight to the point with her salty lyrics that hold her lover accountable: “You scared of love but fuck your fear / Ain’t no getting’ away from this if you wanted […]Read More

Album Review: Cenizas // Nicolas Jaar

You’ve heard it before: musician banishes themselves to a remote corner of the world with nothing but a guitar, a synth and their ego. They emerge a year later with an album, having ‘found themselves’ and probably grown a beard. Despite the cliché, these tales of self-exile are often behind the most interesting albums, particularly […]Read More

Album Review: Future Nostalgia // Dua Lipa

With so many albums postponed by COVID-19, many music fans will be feeling frustrated and disappointed. It is understandable why many artists are choosing to delay, but the excitement and, most of all, escapism, that these releases offer is needed now more than ever. Despite what is now bound to be a disappointing spring for […]Read More

Album Review: Healer // Grouplove

In these dark and uncertain times, we are all in need of a little hope and positivity. I was keen to listen to a new Grouplove album embodying the ethos of “aiming to fight hopelessness”, not only for the thematic bent, but because Grouplove were one of my favourite bands at sixteen. I grew up […]Read More

Track Review: Hard to Burn // Dead Agents

Brimming with energy, Dead Agents‘ gritty hard rock sound has gained them a loyal following over the last few years. The Birmingham quartet released their latest single ‘Hard to Burn’ in February and it’s sure to be a hit. ‘Hard to Burn’ is no-nonsense rock song, driven forward by thick, rollicking riffs – think prime […]Read More

Track Review: Lilac Leaves // Odd Morris

Dublin is exporting some of the most exciting post-punk bands in Europe right now. With the likes of Fontaines D.C., The Murder Capital and Just Mustard being met with critical acclaim, newcomers Odd Morris have a lot to live up to. The Irish quartet shares more than just rehearsal space with some of the hottest […]Read More